The William S Club by Riley Banks

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The William S Club by Riley BanksThe William S Club by Riley Banks
Published by Aussieicon Books on September 8, 2012
Genres: Adult Fiction, Contemporary, Erotica, Mystery, Romantic Suspense, Thriller
Pages: 326
Format: eBook
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A beautiful Australian journalist who changed her name and fled her homeland. A billionaire property magnate who dredges up her tortured past. An elite club with a secret they have killed to protect.

Sydney is the one place Charlotte Burke swore she'd never return but The William S Club have other plans.

Lust, sex, violence, blackmail and even murder, they will stop at nothing to keep their secret hidden, pushing Charlotte and the other players towards their dangerous end-game.


The William S Club was an interesting story for debut author Riley Banks.

The story does grab you right off and you can tell pretty early on that it’s going to be very involved and intriguing.

There are some elements that I found hard to believe however, I have to remind myself that’s a work of fiction and well…anything goes right?

The story is about an extremely wealthy family, that is run only by the men named William S. Harvey.  In this story that would be WSH the 2nd who goes by William, WSH the 3rd who goes by Bill, and WSH the 4th who goes by BJ and is also a twin to Damon.  There are big secrets to keep that only the WSH’s know about and they go to any extreme to keep them.

Enter the heroine Charlotte. She has secrets of her own and of course they involve the William S Club. She’s invited to a press circuit with the club where she meets Damon.

This is where the craziness and madness ensues.

Unfortunately, there were a few things that bothered me.  The first is how verbose the author is.  It felt like every sentence used as many descriptive words as possible and I found myself skipping paragraphs at a time to get to the heart of the story.  It took me longer to read because of this.

My second issue was the jumping from character to character.  There are so many sub characters that I can’t even list them all and sometimes I didn’t even realize who I was reading about.  That was hard to follow at first but eventually I did get the hang of it.  I recently read a book that titled each section with the name of the person it was about. I really liked that because it helped me make that jump more easily.

My third issue had to do with all the different characters.  I felt that by giving them all their own voice it took away something from the actual story itself.  I felt like the main characters, who I believed to be Charlotte and Damon, really missed out on a more developed story.  I didn’t really feel connected to anyone and I wanted that so much.  I took one of my stars away from this review just for that reason.  This could have been such a passionate love story in the making of an epic thriller if more attention had been given to those two.  Maybe I’m wrong but I got the impression that the story really was about Charlotte and Damon.  I should have been rooting for Charlotte and Damon but I never got into them like I could have.  I found myself just reading to see what would happen next.  I wasn’t emotionally involved and I wanted to be.  I wanted to cringe, laugh, cry, I wanted an OMG moment and I didn’t get that.

I am interested to see what else Riley Banks has for us in upcoming books and I would read more from her.

All in all this was not a bad debut at all.



About Riley Banks

“Creating stories you won’t want to leave.”

With over fifteen years in journalism and over a decade living overseas, Riley Banks knows how to tell a tale or two. Her fast paced novels hook readers and keep them hooked to the very last word.

Riley creates worlds readers won’t want to leave.

Whether she’s writing sexy, adult novels or action packed YA, you can rely on her signature to shine through: Fast pace, gripping suspense and characters so rich and bold they will stay with you long after you finish.

Her Vampire Origins series is already being touted as the next big thing in YA literature. Packed full of action, adventure, romance, and evil, Vampire Origins weaves historical fact with fiction to explore the origins of five very different vampire tribes: Strigoi, Cambion, Bretonnian, Strix, and Nosferatu.

Riley’s debut novel, The William S Club, is an erotic thriller jam-packed full of passion, corruption, secrets and blackmail. It takes the reader on an edge-of-your-seat ride through France, Italy, Dubai and Australia.


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