Signed Giveaway Birthday Celebration!

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birthday_dogsLet’s celebrate Emma’s birthday!
Her birthday is March 16th and all week long we’ll be doing giveaways on Facebook!
So to kick it off I thought I would give away a signed copy of Can’t Go Home by Angelisa Stone!  I love this author.  You can find my review here.  She just released Can’t Go Without which was hands down my favorite yet!  My review for that can be found here.
This signed copy is with the original cover!

Can't Go Home

You can wish Emma a Happy Birthday either here or on our FB Page.

As you know Emma is my daughter and co-blogger.  She’s turning 15 and even though she contributes to the YA side of the blog, she never gets on because of the other content.  LOL so basically she makes me graphics, like our new banner, and participates in YA book tours without ever signing on to the blog.
Emma is our middle child and is always trying to convince me she suffers from the “middle child syndrome”.  She’s always been very creative both artistically and with her writing.  I always thought art would be the way she would lean but it turns out she’s starting to focus more on writing.  Emma has always walked to a different drummer.  By that I mean she’s always been very shy, very loyal, and very eclectic and she owns those qualities without remorse.  She’s a terribly picky eater and I’m pretty sure would live on chocolate if only her dad and I would let her.  🙂
I’m sure she’ll be mad at me but I have to share a baby picture.  She was the most beautiful baby and it turning into an even more beautiful young lady.

Baby Emma 1999emma 4419144_410086129017039_1730461534_n

Emma ears

Happy Birthday Emma!

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