EMMA’s CORNER REVIEW: Children of Lightning by Annie K. Wong

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EMMA’s CORNER REVIEW:  Children of Lightning by Annie K. WongChildren of Lightning by Annie K. Wong
on September 27, 2015
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 141
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Secrets beget secrets. The curse that befell the Hollows clan has left them incapable of producing male offspring. To extend their bloodline, they have formed a covenant with the serpentine Ophidians, who give them children. In return, the Hollows must keep these monstrous creatures well fed, though the details of the procurement are so abominable that the truth is never revealed to the other clans. In their homeland of Matikki, they live like outcasts.

Through a series of chance discoveries, the secrets of the ancient curse unfold before a warrior named Writhren Hollow. Is her purely female clan the result of a lapse of divine providence, or are the Hollows themselves victims of an enslavement scheme?

If Writhren frees her clan from the covenant, she risks the wrath of the Ophidians and the future of her bloodline. If she keeps the truth of the curse to herself, she is a traitor to her own kind. Either way, she will suffer for what she must do.

This is not a story of redemption, but regret. This is Writhren’s story.

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I recently had the opportunity to read Children of Lighting a debut novella by Annie K. Wong.  Going into the story, I want to say I had high expectations.  The synopsis really grabbed me and I was very excited to read.  I’m not necessarily dissapointed, just a little let down.

The writing wasn’t bad, but it was a much different style than I’m used to.  There’s a lot of unnecessary description, and some minor editing complications.  The plot was fantastic, although things seemed to move a little fast for my taste.  It was followed by slow scenes  with lots of explanation, moving back into that fast pace with little detail as to who was doing what.  I found it difficult to keep up at times.  Some important details were explained briefly in the beginning of the story but I found myself going back and forth trying to connect the little bits that I seemed to have missed.

I do think that this book has great potential.  The plot/story-line is absolutely there, and the character quality was mapped well.  I just had high hopes of a slightly better follow-through for a seemingly great YA contender.

*A copy of this book was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

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About Annie K. Wong

Annie K. Wong was born in Hong Kong and lives in Canada, in the west coast city of Vancouver, BC. She has a BA in Business Administration and Creative Writing from Houghton College as well as a Diploma in Film Studies from the University of British Columbia. Although she explored careers in advertising, television and office administration, the desire to write overtook her at the turn of the new millennium. In 2003 she earned a Post-Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing from Humber College and has been crafting stories ever since.

Her current project is a fantasy series, the prequel of which is Children of Lightning.

Rating Report
Overall: 3

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  1. Thank you Emma, for reading and reviewing Children of Lightning. New writers like me need feedback from readers like you. I am grateful for your time, and please keep up the good work.

    Annie K Wong