Lennon’s Rain (Lennon’s Girls #2) by Chris Myers – Blog Tour Review & Giveaway

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Lennon's Rain (Lennon's Girls #2) by Chris Myers - Blog Tour Review & Giveaway

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Lennon’s Rain (Lennon’s Girls #2) by Chris Myers – Blog Tour Review & GiveawayLennon's Rain by Chris Myers
on September 30, 2013
Genres: Drama, New Adult, Romance
Pages: 349
Format: eBook
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Sometimes in love, you choose wrong…

Eight years ago, Lennon lost his heart to Rain, and suddenly she’s back, all grown up and sexy as hell. At a sorority party, he convinces himself that outbidding every other guy for a body shot from Rain is for charity. But he knows better. He doesn’t want any guy, except him, tarnishing the memory of the little girl he proposed to in fifth grade.

Jinx loves Lennon and is past ready for him to make his move. With his sexual prowess, she worries why he hasn’t made any advances. She fears she is losing him, and the only way to keep him is to overcome her past and give him what he desires.

Rain knows Lennon is trouble. If she couldn’t say no to the gangly boy asking her to skateboard off some roof, how will she refuse Lennon’s seductive powers now that he is a man? Rain has many reasons to resist his charm. He has a girlfriend, he’s moving to LA with her, and Rain has no intention to march in the long parade of Lennon Tyler conquests.

Now, Lennon must choose. Someone has to lose, and that person could be him.

***WARNING: This book is New Adult Contemporary Romance and contains sexual content

Title:  Lennon’s Rain (Lennon’s Girls #2)

Author:  Chris Myers

Genre:  New Adult, Contemporary Romance 17+

Publication Date:  September 15, 2013

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Event organized by:  Literati Author Services, Inc.

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 Please read my review for Book 1 in this series, Lennon’s Jinx here.  Lennon’s Rain pretty much picks up where we left off.  Lennon is getting ready to graduate.  Jinx and Lennon are officially dating.  There is no way for me to write this without giving away some of what happened in Lennon’s Jinx so please don’t read any further if you haven’t read that one first.

Lennon and Currie are still reeling after the death of their friend Zoe.  Currie is also struggling with her mother leaving her.  Lennon’s relationship with his mother is non-existent and he doesn’t seem to miss her.  But Currie is 10 and is feeling the affect of all these changes.  She clings to her brother like never before.  Especially with the pending move to L.A. to live with their dad.

Jinx is also struggling to move on.  She’s afraid that her inability to be intimate with Lennon, will drive him away.  She’s still not ready to go there with him and she knows that with his past, he may not be willing to wait.

Lennon is being patient with Jinx.  He really likes her but she’s been acting different and he can’t put his finger on it.  One night the band is invited to a charity event.  Jinx doesn’t want to go and heads out with her friends.  So it’s Lennon, Clive, and Danny on their own at a sorority event that doesn’t include shirts.  It’s there that Lennon’s past smacks in the face.  In 5th grade Lennon was in love with Rain.  He even proposed to her during lunch one day.  The following day she was gone.  No where to be found.  He was heart broken.

This story takes us on the journey of these three individuals, Lennon, Jinx, and Rain.  Their worlds collide and there is definitely fall out.  Jinx is set to move to L.A. with Lennon and the band.  Rain is set to move ahead with her life plans which include being independent.  None of them can deny their feelings for another.

I have to say this is the first time I’ve read a love triangle where I couldn’t pick a side right away.  I mean I liked both girls.  I understood Lennon’s feelings about them both.  I was rooting for all of them.  WTH?  Yep all of them!

I have to say there were things about each girl that aggravated me and made me like them less and less.  Although I totally understood Jinx’s fear and anxiety, I found her to be petulant and bratty.  Rain is a wild child and I definitely felt the rush but I didn’t understand her determination to keep pushing Lennon away.  Both girls irritated in the way they handled Lennon.  I had to keep reminding myself these were 18 year olds girls.  Inexperienced in many many ways.

Lennon’s Rain kept true to the tone I felt in Lennon’s Jinx.  I love Lennon’s voice.  I love Lennon.  I want to hug him and care for him.  I want him to be happy.

My only complaint with this book is the repetitiveness.  I tend to feel bad when the author feels they have to repeat things to the readers as reminders.  Let’s say for instance Lennon is allergic to Vicodin, (which he is) it’s mentioned and explained how they found out and then further in when brought up again, the author again reminds us that he’s allergic to Vicodin and again how they found out.  It happens a few times in the book.

Overall, I’m still loving Chris Myer’s writing style and once again cannot wait to get my hands on the next book in the series, Lennon’s Hope.

*A copy of this book was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*



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About Chris Myers

Chris Myers spends most of her free time writing and dreaming up new characters who fight each other for page time. She is an award-winning author and lives in Colorado with her daughter, her better half, and her Bichon BeBe. Her work has appeared in the NewsMag and has earned several awards including first place Paul Gillette, Colorado Gold finalist, and semi-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. She has taught writing workshops for conferences, PPW, and Delve Writing and was an adjunct professor at CSU. Chris is a member of SCBWI and Pikes Peak Writers. She earned a Masters from the University of South Florida.

Look for her series RIPSTERS, a Young Adult, paranormal/mystery with the spark of romance, starting with DATE WITH THE DEAD.

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  1. Thank you for reading and reviewing both books. I know it’s a huge commitment, and I really appreciate it! I carefully read reviews and take them all under consideration so thanks for the feedback.

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