GIVEAWAY and REVIEW – Just Live, Juliette! by Stephanie Andrassy

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GIVEAWAY and REVIEW – Just Live, Juliette! by Stephanie AndrassyJust Live, Juliette by Stephanie Andrassy
on May 29, 2013
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance
Pages: 602
Format: eBook
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You never know what the morning after has in store for you, especially after drinks at a bar, a perfect man, and a night of the best sex you have ever experienced. Rather than dancing through a field of daisies, Juliette may be pushing them up instead. She awakes to a world where everything is familiar and nothing is what it appears to be; where the key to endless love is learning to just live.

Just Live, Juliette! is the continuation of Juliette's journey which began with the short story, "The White Peacock"; included for your convenience and reading pleasure.


Stephanie Andrassy has done something truly amazing with Just Live, Juliette!.  She has created a story that will challenge everything you think you know.  She will take all of your preconceived notions and throw them right out the window.  But she’ll hold your hand, give you hugs, and make you smile along the way.

When you’re finished reading Just Live, Juliette!, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t thought it up yourself.  You’ll wonder why you hadn’t read it sooner.  You’ll wonder if Stephanie Andrassy has any more books planned.  You’ll even wonder if there’s a possibility if what she’s written about could be true.  I did and I do and I hope that is all true!  I also hope that Stephanie never stops writing.  She has an amazing imagination and is an awesome storyteller.

I’m sure none of this makes sense.

Just Live, Juliette! isn’t a book that you can just sit and describe.  I mean I can tell you it’s about a woman named Juliette.  I can tell you there is a lot of self discovery in this book.  There is also a lot of disbelief.  I can tell you it’s a story about friendship.  It’s a story about trusting what you know and opening your eyes to what you don’t.  It’s also a story about love but most important, it’s a story about living.

Just Live, Juliette!

Are you confused?  You should be because Just Live, Juliette! can’t be told in a synopsis.  This really is a story you need to read for yourself.

It’s a…


It’s an…


There are many wonderful things I could say about this book but I think most important is the amazing character development.  Stephanie Andrassy has created characters that literally jump off the page.  I felt like I was surrounded by these incredible people in my living room.  When one would exit a scene another would walk in and sit next to me on my couch.  They were just that tangible.  You will come to know each person’s character and personality intimately.  You will most definitely have favorites and will look forward to Juliette’s interactions with each of them.  Every single character is integral to Juliette’s story.  Each character plays a very special and significant role.  It’s not always as it seems either.  Just when you think you know, Stephanie Andrassy will quickly make you question something.

You will fall in love with Juliette as she struggles to understand what’s going on in her life.  You will have just as many questions as she does.  I guarantee you will be just as frustrated as Juliette is at times.  You will laugh with her and cry with her.  You may even shake your head at her impatience.  There is no doubt that you will become invested in Juliette’s journey.

Do you believe in soul mates?

Do you think it’s possible to have only one true love?

Can you even open you’re mind to the possibility of past lives and in those past lives you are connected to that same ‘one true love’?

Juliette, explores all of those possibilities in her relationship with Miles.

Miles *sigh*

Miles is also struggling with something that has happened in his life.  Something that he can’t believe or won’t believe even though it lies before him in black and white.  His pain and anguish pours off the pages.  I found myself wanting to hold him and comfort.  To take away his pain.  To help him LIVE.  I was madly, deeply in love with Juliette and Miles together.  I rooted for them and cheered them on throughout the entire book.

With that said my favorite character has to be Willy.  Willy is homeless.  He no longer trusts people.  He’s content with being alone.  He doesn’t want to ‘LIVE‘ the way others are living.  His journey for me, was just as special as Juliette’s.

I know when you see the size of Just Live, Juliette!, you will groan.  600 pages can be daunting but I guarantee that once you start you won’t be able to put it down.  Stephanie Andrassy does a fantastic job pulling you in and keeping you there.  There is only discovery in this book no lulls in the storyline, no boring parts.  I found myself totally believing every word on the page.  This is a story that makes it’s way into your heart and doesn’t let go.  It allows you the opportunity to ask questions without judgment.  Stephanie Andrassy gives you the material allowing you to think outside the box.  It truly is an amazing story.

So if you’re up to the challenge of having the world as you know it completely and totally rocked —  Just Live, Juliette! is for you.

The next book in The Home Series is due to be released October 25, 2013!

OH!  I know you’ll be wondering what else you can read by Stephanie Andrassy!  Check out my review here, of Noble Lies.

I was honored to be asked to beta read Just Live, Juliette!.  I am even more honored to be able to call Stephanie my friend.


giveawy_transNow for the fun stuff!!  I’m so excited to announce the following giveaway!

Stephanie Andrassy has graciously given us the following:

A beautifully handcrafted lampwork bead.  (The peacock design on the bead is the copyrighted design of the artist, Mary Ann Helmond, and is her creation.  Her website is


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About Stephanie Andrassy

I always knew at a very young age that I would have a life-long love affair with the written word. My first favorite book was “Horton Hears a Who”. Imagine another world existing on a tiny spec of dust! I quickly learned that I was fascinated with the fact that printed words on a page had the magical ability to fill your head with such wonderful ideas. And then I met the classic fairy tales, along with the “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” – what incredibly imaginative stuff. “The Swiss Family Robinson”, “Encyclopedia Brown”, “The Hardy Boys”, and Judy Blume – I was hooked on reading.

When I was ten, I wrote to author, Allan W. Eckert, to rave about his book, “Incident at Hawk’s Hill”, and to ask him some questions about his life as an author. To my surprise and complete thrill, he wrote back! Authors were human! At twelve, I not only volunteered after school in the school’s library (surrounded by all those books), but I proved the “authors are human” theory by participating in a future authors program; writing and illustrating my first book. Our books were not published, but they were professionally bound in hard cover and we held readings in the school library, sharing our books with the younger grades. I still have this first masterpiece, proudly displaying it on my bookshelf.

Over the years, the words of many great authors (too many to mention) have been invited to take up residency in my mind. John Wyndham’s, “The Chrysalids”, thrilled me. “Lord of the Flies” made me think in terms of ‘what if’. I devoured Tolkien and Silverberg. “A Farewell to Arms” made me cry. “Peony”, by Pearl S. Buck, fascinated me. I also quickly fell in love with Austen and Bronte, read Danielle Steele for years, and have enjoyed all of Dan Brown’s work. I continue to read – romance, fantasy, and chick lit, as well as mystery and suspense, parenting books, psychology, theology, and sociology reads. In fact, there is not much I won’t indulge in (except horror).

Encouraged to pursue an education and career, I obtained a B.A. in Settlement Studies from the University of Guelph, and then embarked on a fifteen year career in social housing. I continued to write, secretly daring to dream that someday I would write a novel that would see the light of day while I trudged along in the day-to-day that we all experience. My debut novel, Noble Lies, a fantasy/suspense romance, is the first of my written works to be released out into the world as a self-published ebook (September 2012), now joined by paranormal romance short story, The White Peacock (March 2013), and paranormal romance novel Just Live, Juliette! (May 2013).

Authors tend to write the types of stories that they enjoy and I gravitate towards books with substance that allow me to grow as a person, to experience aspects of life I would never see on my own, and/or that allow me to escape into the magical recesses of my imaginative mind. It is no surprise, then, that my writing leans towards real life, sometimes contorted into a dreamscape of fantasy and fairy tale, sprinkled with suspense and grit, and iced with romance.

I presently live in southern Ontario, Canada, with my family, where further works are well underway.

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Overall: 5

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    I look at covers first and then I check several reviews. Sometimes they are spot on but it’s all a preference things. 🙂

  2. Claira

    All of the things you mentioned go into my decision to read a book by a new author. A lot of favorable reviews (and/or word of mouth) will definitely persuade me faster, though if the premise sounds really interesting to me, I’m likely to give it a try anyway. And it does help to read reviews from people who have similar tastes in books. 🙂

    With that said, this does look interesting!! Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

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