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Forever by Mary A. Wasowski
on February 20, 2014
Genres: New Adult

Forever Amazon GR SW-2


Title:  Forever (Forever Series #1)

Author:  Mary A. Wasowski

Genre:  New Adult Romance

Expected Release Date:  February 20, 2014

Cover Design by:  Okay Creations

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Following her larger than life best friend to NYU was a dream come true.

Modeling part-time to pay the bills, while she earned her teaching degree, Reese Mitchell never imagined her Nana’s prediction of finding her future husband could be possible.  Then she met…HIM! Walker Reed, her handsome stranger.  He was sexy as sin and one look from him, she was hooked.

Loving Walker was effortless.  He captured her heart with one touch making Reese lose herself in him.  From strangers to lovers, they became two hearts…one love.  Outside forces conspire to tear their love apart leaving her to wonder if two people from different worlds should stay together?

When promised “Forever” from the man who loves her, Reese is left with only one thing to do.  She trusts the promises made.  She believes in the happily ever after.

She believes in…FOREVER.



About Mary A. Wasowski

Writing has always been a passion of mine. Growing up, I used writing as my outlet for my feelings, as I grew older I knew one day I wanted to do it professionally.
Finally pursuing my dream after twenty plus years, I have written my first book.
Happy Reading!


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