Falling (Fading #2) by E.K. Blair – Blog Tour Review, Playlist, Excerpt, & Giveaway

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Falling (Fading #2) by E.K. Blair – Blog Tour Review, Playlist, Excerpt, & Giveaway

This book may be unsuitable for readers under 17 years of age due to sexual content, drug and alcohol use, suicide, and/or violence.
Falling (Fading #2) by E.K. Blair – Blog Tour Review, Playlist, Excerpt, & Giveawayfour-stars
Falling by E. K. Blair
Series: Fading #2
on December 9, 2013
Genres: Abuse, Contemporary Romance, Dark, Drama, New Adult, Romance, Sociology
Pages: 467
Format: eBook
Sometimes it takes someone else to show us what we are truly capable of becoming.

Suffering from years of violent abuse, Ryan Campbell has learned how to keep people from getting too close. But when you shut yourself off, people get hurt along the way. Never caring much about others, Ryan creates a world in which he doesn’t have to feel.

When Ryan meets Candace Parker, all of his walls slowly begin to crumble. Not sure of the truth of who she is, he feels his mind is playing tricks on him. Unable to force out the thoughts that consume him, Ryan is haunted by visions that torment him every time he looks at her. He finds himself swallowed by guilt and blame, but he’s unwilling to turn his back on the one person that could possibly save him.

You’ve heard Candace’s story in Fading, now hear Ryan’s.


Falling by E.K. Blair is Ryan’s story.  I was very anxious when I started reading this book.  Please don’t read it without reading Fading first!  You can see my review for Fading here.  Fading for me was a difficult read and I only gave it 3 – 3.5 stars.  So I tried to wipe all of that from my brain as I took on Ryan.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  The writing felt more cohesive.  Not so much description that I felt bored.  It was much better!

It’s hard to write this review without giving away what happened in book 1.  So please I’m begging you read Fading first!  Then come back and read this review.

This is basically Fading with a bit more thrown in.  You already know what happened to Candace.  You know that Ryan saw her during the attack.  That he fought off Jack and called 911.  You know that Candace and Ryan fell in love and after Candace finally opens up to Ryan it all comes crashing down when she then finds out that he knew who she was all along.  You also know that in the end of Fading, Candace decides to come back to Ryan and forget about moving to NYC.

I liked this story so much more.  I really felt connected to Ryan.  I enjoyed reading about his past.  I enjoyed learning what made him tick.  Why he was who he was before meeting Candace.  What I didn’t like was the repetitiveness of some of the scenes.  Instead of giving us the details again, I would have liked to felt more of the emotions from Ryan.  But that’s not a bad thing, it was just that sometimes I felt myself getting bored.  Been there done that before sort of thing.

There were lots of things though that we didn’t get in Fading that we get to see in Falling.  Like Ryan’s struggle over meeting Candace for the first time and not understanding why she reminded him of that girl.  Speaking of that girl.  I was really surprised and pleased with the way the author described Ryan’s feeling about that event.  I connected with him and found myself tearing up quite a bit.

I finally cried!  I wanted to cry when I read book 1 but I never connected to the story the way I wanted.  But I totally connected with Ryan.  His pain was palpable.  His inability to block out the images he saw was devastating.  His reaction after realizing that his girl was that girl….broke my heart.  That scene as well as the fight scene between him and Jack, and even the break up scenes, were very well written.

Ryan’s mother Donna is one of the sweetest mom’s I’ve ever read.  She’s so strong and yet so compassionate, kind, loving, amazing really.  And there’s a special scene between her and Candace that once again had me crying.  Very touching scene.

All in all I really liked Falling.  I was much happier getting Ryan’s story.  Being able to connect the way I so desperately wanted to in Fading.  Even the epilogue was fantastic!  I’m very happy I gave this book and this author a chance!

*A copy of this book was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*







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I drop my head in my hands and let it out.  It’s a haze of unrecognizable emotions beating through me.  To look past this and let her continue to sit and do nothing is something that I don’t think I’m capable of.  But Jase is right.  My girl is so damn fragile even though she’s so damn strong.  It’s a paradox that’s hard to deal with.  She’s gonna break one way or another.

            Irritation boils inside, and the longer I sit here it starts to eat away at me until it takes over and I stand up, kicking over the stool, screaming, and smashing my glass against the brick wall behind the bar followed next by the bottle.  The blast of glass shattering and sprinkling to the floor is all I hear through the ringing in my head.  I grab my keys, leaving the mess, and head to my jeep.

            I drive.  Making my way back to my loft and upstairs to find Candace standing in my closet, slipping on a sweater.

            “Why didn’t you do anything?”  I ask, unable to control my frustration.

            She turns to look at me, confused, when she asks, “What are you talking about?”

            “Don’t make me say it.”

            “Ryan, please.  Don’t,” she says and then walks past me to sit on the edge of the bed.

            “Who is he?”  I press, emotions getting the best of me.

            She keeps her chin tucked down.  Avoiding.

            “Candace, tell me his fuckin’ name!”


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About E. K. Blair

USA Today bestselling author and International Amazon bestselling author, E.K. Blair takes her readers on an emotional roller coaster with her dynamic and intense writing style. Noted for her ability to create fleshed-out characters that will evoke a realm of reactions, you can be assured that her stories will linger with you far beyond the last word.

A former first grade teacher with an imagination that runs wild. Daydreaming and zoning out is how she was often found in high school. Blair tends to drift towards everything dark and moody. Give her a character and she will take pleasure in breaking them down, digging into their core to find what lies underneath.

Aside from writing, E.K. Blair finds pleasure in music, drinking her Starbucks in peace, and spending time with her friends. She’s a thinker, an artist, a wife, a mom, and everything in between.

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Overall: 4.1

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