Breaking the Wrong by Calia Read

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Breaking the Wrong by Calia ReadBreaking the Wrong by Calia Read
on March 16, 2013
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Pages: 473
Format: eBook
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Emilia Wentworth would do anything for her sister.

For three years, Emilia has lived in the past, feeling her sister's pain and hating those who are to blame, including one of the Sloan brothers.

Finally, she has had enough. The only way to be free is to create a Burn List with all the people who have ever hurt her sister.

As she crosses each name off, she gets closer and closer to her final target. But, things aren't always as they seem.

Loyalties are tested.

Boundaries are crossed.

And the truth is revealed.


There is a lot of mystery in this book.  You won’t be able to stop reading till you figure it all out.  You’ll think you know but you won’t.    The only issue I had with the book was wanting more time with Emilia’s sister.  I wanted more flashback scenes.  I wanted to understand her motivations for doing what she did. I can’t say too much without giving something away.

With that being said, the book, for me, was so much better than the first.  I didn’t have any issues with dialogue/editing like I did in Every Which Way.   The characters have depth and there was a perfect amount of push and pull between Macsen and Emilia.  I was on the edge of my seat the entire time trying to figure out why Emilia had a list in the first place and why Macsen?  Why was he on the Burn List??

“Something broke in me that night. It has stopped being a game and is now a reality. The Burn List is the only way I know to escape my past, my means to forget.
It’s simple; I want revenge.”

Emilia was on a mission.  She hated Macsen.  She had to mark his name off her list so she could move on with her life.  But her plans derail quickly when she realizes that she’s falling in love with him.  For Emilia, being in Macsen’s presence is soothing, safe and peaceful which is way different then what she had been told.  Revenge wasn’t supposed to turn to love.

“Reaching out, I touch Macsen’s back with my index finger. My arms are practically shaking and after a few seconds, I slowly trace the words: forgive me. It’s for everything and to everyone: my sister, my family, my heart, and to Macsen. A small tear falls onto his pillow and I wait for him to tense and turn around to face me, but a minute passes and there’s nothing. One more time, I touch his skin and write three words on his back. Words that I’ve only told my family.”

Emilia and Macsen are broken.  They don’t think happiness is in the cards for them all they know is that they can’t stay away from each other.  Then all hell breaks loose!  If you loved Macsen in Every Which Way, you’ll love him even more in Breaking the Wrong because his vulnerable side is revealed.  His insecurity and pain rules him until Emilia.

Then the secret is exposed.

Yes this is a love story but it’s also about forgiveness.

“You can’t heal a heart that’s been fragmented. But my wounds were closing. Stitch by stitch, I was starting to feel again. I can’t undo the past and stop everything that has happened. However, I can try to take a tiny step forward.”

It’s about finding peace and moving on.



About Calia Read

Calia Read lives in Germany with her husband and their three kids.
She’s currently working on the third book in the Sloan Brothers Series, Ruin you Completely.

She loves talking with fellow book addicts!! You can e-mail her at: caliaread at gmail dot com.


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