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BLOG TOUR REVIEW AND GIVEAWAY – Searching for Tomorrow by Kathryn M. CraneSearching for Tomorrow by Kathryn M. Crane
on October 20, 2013
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romance
Pages: 254
Format: eBook
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Some people are blessed to find that one certain person who completes them.
Wrynn’s yesterdays were what others only dream of having. She and Tripp were the best of friends before they even thought about love. They had the fairy tale life where ‘like’ turns into ‘love’, and ‘love’ becomes ‘happily ever after’.
What happens when life conspires against you, and snatches your soul mate from your arms?
…only her forever love ended much too soon.
Broken beyond her own ability to repair, Wrynn boxes up her grief and attempts to raise her three girls the best she can on her own. As time slowly passes, Wrynn relives her life with Tripp while struggling most days to get out of bed. She is reminded of him at every turn.
How do you set your grief and anguish aside? How do you pick up the shattered pieces, put those pieces back together again, and try to move on?
Wrynn tries to find the joy in life every single day through her daughters, family, and friends. Her twin brother Liam has dedicated himself to helping Wrynn put her life back together after losing his own love. On the other hand, her mother-in-law lives to torment her at every turn. Wrynn can't even find a chance to breathe, much less a desire to somehow search for her tomorrow.

I’ve been sitting here contemplating how to start this review.  I want to do it justice.  I want to give you enough information that you have no doubt about adding this to your collection.  Searching for Tomorrow is Kathryn M. Crane’s debut novel about picking up the pieces and moving on after losing the love of your life.

Wrynn was one of the lucky ones, she married her best friend, Tripp.

“Who is Tripp?  That is easy to explain.  Tripp was my best friend, my lover, my confidant, my soul mate.” – Wrynn

Wrynn and her twin brother, Liam, were born and raised in Highlands, NC.  They both meet Tripp on the first day of third grade.  Channing aka Tripp moved to Highlands after the death of his father.  Tripp and his mother lived in a better part of town and his mother frowned upon him playing with Wrynn and Liam.  To say Tripp’s mother had issues would be an understatement and because of her Tripp spent the majority of his childhood in Wrynn and Liam’s home.  Their family treated him as one of them and he never left.  I found the friendship between the three of them to so endearing and I could tell they truly loved and cared for each other.  Wrynn refers to them in the book as “my boys” and that’s exactly what they were.  They were not only her friends but her protectors.

Wrynn and Tripp were seniors when 9-11 occurred.  It had a profound effect on Tripp and it changed him.  This lead to Tripp deciding that his future would include defending his country.  So on his 18th birthday he did two things.

First, he enlisted in the Army.

Second, he proposed to Wrynn.

By far one of the most beautiful, poignant, mushy, loving proposals.  I cried pretty much through the whole thing.  Wrynn struggled with Tripp’s decision to enlist.  She didn’t want to be without him and she was terrified what this future would hold.

“You’re my everything.  You’re the reason I breathe, the reason I live.  I can’t imagine my life without you.  I’ve loved you forever and that love will never die.” – Tripp

I’m sure you see where this is going.  Tripp is killed while on deployment just a few weeks before his and Wrynn’s third child is born.

Searching for Tomorrow is written in alternating past and present.  This sometimes bothers me as I find that I prefer one over the other and I don’t want to jump around.  That is not that case with this story.  Allowing us glimpses of the relationship between Tripp and Wrynn is so integral to the story.  The present is 3 years after his death.  We find Wrynn struggling to live.  Struggling is not even a good word.  She was the living embodiment of anguish and pain.  Her loss is so deep that she’s drowning in it.  If you’ve ever suffered from depression, I can guarantee you will find a kindred spirit in Wrynn.  I have struggled with anxiety and depression and the author hit it right on the head.  I found myself choking back tears of understanding as I read about Wrynn’s day to day struggles.  Raising three daughters alone when she doesn’t want to go on herself.  The struggle to get up every day and take care of someone other than herself, feed them, bathe them, care for them.  She in no way neglected them.  As she so lovingly called them, they were her “three heartbeats”.  They were her three reasons for living.

Liam is there for Wrynn in many ways.  I thought his character was so amazing.  He’s there for his sister, sharing in her grief, and trying to be an uncle to those three little girls.  Being they are twins, I could definitely understand the closeness they had.  They had a bond that I don’t think a lot of people would understand.  Liam lived in Wrynn’s basement and would often help her by taking the girls to school, or fixing things around the house.  I found myself being reminded several times that he suffered and incredible loss as well.  Tripp wasn’t just his best friend, he was his brother.  I believe there is definitely more to Liam’s story than we were told and I’m hoping that means there will be a second book.

“I grab Liam in a big hug and squeeze him tight.  As my throat tightens and tears threaten, I whisper, “Thanks, Bubby.  You take such good care of my girls and me.  I love you so much, and I just don’t know what I would do without you.”  – Wrynn

Wrynn’s light is her girls.

“Sarah Margaret is two and a half, and she reminds me of a woodland sprite.  She’s almost fairy-like with her head full of beautiful caramel blonde curls and the largest, brightest green eyes that always sparkle with laughter, wonder, and mischief.”

“Lest I forget, munchkin number two is my Rebekah Elizabeth and she is by far the most serious six-year-old I have ever encountered.  I swear that sometimes I catch glimpses of small frown lines forming between those piercing yellow-green eyes.”

“As my oldest child, Anne Marie is the only one of my girls who is old enough to remember all the twists and turns that life has brought our way these past several years.  When I look into her turquoise eyes, I see the remnants of an old soul peeking back at me.”

I loved loved loved the moments between Wrynn and her “three heartbeats”.  They were honest and true.  She loves her children fiercely and it’s so evident in every interaction she has with them.  I found myself smiling several times as I was reading about them.  As a mother of three myself, this was just another way to connect with this story.  My husband did not join military however, both of our fathers were in the Army and we grew up in that world never knowing if our dad would come home.  Now that my father is gone, I wish he could not only see me but all of his grandchildren as they continue to grow into these amazing little people.  It’s a loss I feel every day.

There are definitely other bits and pieces that factor into the story.  Wrynn’s mother in-law Mother Tidwell is a horrendous woman who makes Wrynn’s life hell.  She’s really something but I can’t and don’t want to explain more as it will ruin things.

I’m thinking that my understanding of the military life as well as my struggles with anxiety and depression are what made this story so much more for me.  I felt a deep connection to everything and I struggled with my own emotions throughout the entire book.  This is absolutely a story for everyone.  This is a story about love.  Love for your country.  Love for your family.  Love for your children.  Love for your soul-mate.

“I have loved you with an everlasting love.” – Tripp

This is a story about tomorrows.  What does tomorrow mean to you?  Do you live for tomorrow?  Do you plan your tomorrows?

“My name is Amelia Wrynn Broun Tidwell, buy family and friends know me as Wrynn, and I am the mother of those three adorable munchkins.  Though I was born and raised on the other side of nowhere, I have lived, loved, and lost more in my twenty-nine years than most people do in a lifetime.  Blessed to find my one true love at a very young age, life conspired against me when it took my Tripp from me.”

Searching for Tomorrow will definitely show you how to embrace your tomorrow.

*A copy of this book was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

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About Kathryn M. Crane

If you are reading this, I think you should know that “About me” sounds so very pretentious to me. I guess that is what I am supposed to write about, so here it goes!

Kathryn is a simple country girl who likes to spend time with her hubba, hunka hubby, her three kids and her friends. She loves to cook and really loves to eat! During the spring and summer, you will more than likely find her outside puttering around in her garden. When the veggies start coming in, she will probably be sweating over a hot canner in the kitchen, canning all the goodies she is blessed with. Kathryn likes to hike and go camping, and as a Girl Scout leader, she gets to do this pretty often! On cold winter nights, you will probably find her wrapped in a warm blanket, lost in a good book, while sitting in her rocking chair on the front porch!

Kathryn was born and raised in North Carolina, and while she loves to travel, she can’t imagine ever leaving the mountains that she has come to call home. Not a day goes by that Kathryn doesn’t thank God for abundantly blessing her. He has been so good to her, and she is very grateful. She holds Jeremiah 29:11 very close to her heart and believes it with every fiber of her being. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Kathryn loves flip flops, chocolate, sweet tea and dirt between her toes. As far back as she can remember, she’s had a book in her hand. Reading has carried her to places she will never go. It has introduced her to people that she will never meet. When life is great and when it is rough, she’s always been able to find a book to carry her through. She finally decided to write down some of the stories in her head (yes, be scared) and heart after dawdling around and wasting years dreaming. She hopes you enjoy reading those stories as much as she loves writing them!

Rating Report
Overall: 5

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