Blog Tour: Lennon’s Hope by Chris Myers

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Blog Tour:  Lennon's Hope by Chris Myers

Blog Tour:  Lennon’s Hope by Chris MyersLennon's Hope by Chris Myers
on July 1, 2014
Format: eBook
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Sometimes in love, you lose all control…

At age ten, Rain fell hard for the sweet boy caring for his little sister.

At age eighteen, she runs into Lennon, now an experienced player and no longer the innocent boy she once loved.

At age nineteen, she has to put all her plans on hold to have his baby, and under a cloud of deception, she faces tragedy and heartbreak.

At age ten, Lennon proposed to Rain in front of the whole school.

At age eighteen, he thought he was over her until he sees her at a party, no longer a little girl but all grown-up and sexy as hell.

At age nineteen, he loses everything he ever cared about.

***WARNING: This book is New Adult Contemporary Romance and contains sexual content.


Title: Lennon’s Hope (Lennon’s Girls #3)

Author: Chris Myers

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance 17+

Publication Date: July 1st, 2014

Publisher: BookOnTheEdge

Event organized by: Literati Author Services, Inc.


Excerpt v2

I slip out of my sweats, and Defcon’s eyes grow to the size of Moon pies, and Cage’s mouth opens wide enough to swallow a water buffalo. Too bad Lennon isn’t around to see this.

The leather bustier I bought for stupid Lennon shows plenty of cleavage, and the matching shorts show the lips of my butt cheeks. It’ll be hard for me to dance regardless. My left hip twinges at the thought of any sharp turns.

We run out onto the stage. We get the arena pumped up during the first five songs, when I spot Lennon coming at me. His lips are curled into a snarl. His arms swing at his side, and his face burns an angry red.

A few of the stagehands go after him, but not before he plucks me off the stage.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I yell. I expected him to be mad but not this. He’s gone psycho.

Shock and embarrassment breaks into a sweat onto my forehead. This is way overboard. “Let go of me.” His touch showers me with sparks. I still love him. I still want him. I just need to be able to look him in the eye without the trapdoor collapsing underneath me.

The crowd goes wild, cheering and clapping. They probably think this is part of the act. The worst part is as mad as I am, my sex tightens with a need so strong that I’m gasping for air. What is wrong with me? He used drugs and cheated on me with low-class, trailer trash.

I yank the mike away from my mouth and beat on his rock-solid chest—the one I curled against when he pulled me from the wreckage. “Put me down, Lennon.”

Trey keeps rapping like nothing’s happened. “That Lennon Tyler is such a He-man,” he adlibs.

The stagehands pry me from Lennon’s grasp after a hell of a struggle.

Lennon reaches for me, but his band mates and the roadies restrain him. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“Stop. Just stop.” It’s hard to leave him. I should’ve comforted him, but he can’t do this to us just because he’s popular.

Clive locks onto him, but it’s like holding down an enraged bull. “Bloody hell.”

Lennon’s glaring so hard at me, I cringe.

“The mother of my child can’t dress like that,” he growls.

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Lennon’s Trilogy

14) JINX

Jinx is the girl who stops Lennon from having sex with other women.

Jinx is the bad luck that causes Lennon to reevaluate his life.


Rain cleanses of the body and spirit.

Rain is a metaphor for the sexual climax of a woman.


Hope is a gift to Lennon and the love of his life.

Hope tears them apart and brings them together.


Giveaway v2

$50 Gift Card and Lennon’s Rain and Lennon’s Jinx signed. (2) $25 Amazon Gift Card

About Chris Myers

Chris Myers spends most of her free time writing and dreaming up new characters who fight each other for page time. She is an award-winning author and lives in Colorado with her daughter, her better half, and her Bichon BeBe. Her work has appeared in the NewsMag and has earned several awards including first place Paul Gillette, Colorado Gold finalist, and semi-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. She has taught writing workshops for conferences, PPW, and Delve Writing and was an adjunct professor at CSU. Chris is a member of SCBWI and Pikes Peak Writers. She earned a Masters from the University of South Florida.

Look for her series RIPSTERS, a Young Adult, paranormal/mystery with the spark of romance, starting with DATE WITH THE DEAD.


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