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Our Book Reviewing/ARC Policy:

Honestly, we would love to read every book that comes our way. We’re passionate about reading and would love nothing more than to be able to sit all day and read and review.  Unfortunately for us, school, friends and family commitments get in the way and as a result there are only so many books we can fit into our reading schedules every month – we do try and squeeze in as many as possible, but we just can’t get to every single one.

If you would like us to review a book please just contact us and let us know a time frame. We will do our best to fit it in and if not we’ll let you know immediately.

We do have a reading order as such, but at times we deviate from this if we find something that particularly piques our interest.

Adrienne’s favorite genre’s are:

  • NA
  • Adult Contemporary Romance
  • Romantic comedy
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Erotica
  • YA

Emma’s favorite genre’s are:

  • YA
  • YA Fantasy
  • YA Paranormal

Please do not send books outside of these genres without prior approval from us.

Our goal at Nicely Phrased is to appeal to adult and YA readers alike.  Emma will be the main reviewer for anything YA.  Due to other commitments such as school, either of us may review a YA book.  Please see our About Us page to learn more about Adrienne and Emma.

As we have a responsibility to our followers, we will always review with honesty.  Please be assured that every book we read will be treated with the care and respect it deserves and although we do tend to review from the heart, please know that we take our reviews seriously and always review constructively.

We do review separately as we both will be reading different books from different genres. We will occasionally read the same book and again will review separately.

Once we review your book we publish from our blog to our subscribers, share the review on Facebook and also publicize on Goodreads and Amazon to ensure your book receives the most exposure possible.

Did Not Finish Policy:

Reviews may not always be guaranteed.  If we did not finish a book, in general we will not post a review or a rating.  We *may* explain why we did not finish the book.  There can be many reasons why we didn’t finish a book.  Most of the time, if a book is deemed a DNF (did not finish) we will decline the review.  At Nicely Phrased we do not condone author bashing, reviewer bashing, bullying or general rudeness.  We reserve the right to delete comments.

Guest Posts, Interviews, and Giveaways:

We would also be thrilled to host an author interview, guest post or giveaway as well as participate in any blog tour for the titles that are sent to us for review.  If you are interested please contact us.

If you would like to be put on our Read/Review List and wish to forward your book for review consideration please use the contact form below or email us at

Please provide the following information when contacting us:

  • Author name
  • Book Title
  • Genre
  • Synopsis and any notes about content (i.e. adult only versus general audience).  This is very important for us to decide if this is a book Emma can review.
  • Links to the book
  • Time Frame Requested – this would be a goal for us
  • Is the book published and if not when can the review be posted?  Please include any important dates.
  • Author provides book to review. We accept E-book/Mobi.
  • If possible when sending a book, please include the book cover image.

Our Rating System:











All content is copyrighted by Nicely Phrased.  If you re-post any part of the review, please show us the love by crediting Nicely Phrased.

We wish to take this opportunity to thank you so much for contacting us and please know that we will treat your work with the honesty, respect and the consideration it deserves.


Adrienne & Emma